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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WV Weekend Wrap Up

So we went to WV this weekend.
Before we left, JJ explained to Shelby this would be a loooong drive.
But she could do it.
Even though she hates her car seat and craves constant human contact, she could do this. 
So off we went...

Once we hit Rend Lake, from the back seat we heard JJ exclaim…
The BEACH! It's the BEACH!
I wish, buddy.

So, the drive out there went pretty much as expected.
JJ traveled great...

Shelby….did not.

But once we got there, she was happy to jump into bed with her bubby and snuggle the night away.

Side note: I'm the proud new owner of an iPhone ring.
I'm obsessed.
Attached it to my phone case...

Wearing my phone makes it so much easier to handle it one handed.
The ring flips and folds all over the place, wherever you want it.

Back to weekend pics...

And then it was time to leave…and the trip back went just about like the trip in...

But we made it.
We're home, we made it, and we're not getting in the car like that again for a very LONG time!

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