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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Although I'm not back to blogging as frequently as I once was - I think I'm slowly getting better.
Maybe it's just me?

Anyway, on to the weekend…
Friday we plopped Shelby on the scale.
Much to her dismay...
…still hasn't broken 16lbs.

We went out to eat with mom and dad, then stopped for milkshakes.
Doing our best to fatten her up. 

In fact, later that night, she and I may or may not have enjoyed some popcorn and sweet tea in bed.
Just doing my part :)

Saturday was a stay at home day.
Kevin worked some.
I cleaned.
Kids played.
Lazy day.

Sunday we were off to church, then to Umi and Papa's for lunch.
Miss Sassy Pants just happened to turn 9 months old...

We went home for a bit, then back to evening service.
Afterwards the kids got a bath.

I took the actual camera out while they played together and Shelby splashed like crazy.
The corner of the bathroom the tub sits in is so dark, so I turned the flash on.
And holy molely does that hair look RED under a flash!
(Everything is covered, Dad. No worries.)

On Monday morning, we were up bright at early for Muffins with Mom at school with JJ.
I show up, we sit down, and he turns to me and says "You didn't bring the baby?! The kids would love her!" Eh, probably right kid.
We had a devotion, some muffins, and the smallest little cup of milk I've ever seen.
So I let JJ drink both of ours and as soon as it was over, high-tailed it to Hucks for a giant diet pepsi.

Shelby went to work with Kevin for the morning, so I went back and got her first.
Since it's only around 150ft or so, I let her ride shotgun back to the house.
She felt like pretty hot stuff.

Today was light cleaning, running to get groceries,  and doing laundry.
The stuff stay at home moms are made of. 
All that jazz and fun stuff.

Tomorrow, Kevin is heading to VIP Lunch day with JJ.
It's National Lutheran Schools Week, and apparently, that's a big deal.
Being a former Tilden Tiger, I know nothing of that. 
But they're having fun and JJ gets to have guests at school.

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