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Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year

So, maybe one of my New Year's resolutions should be keeping up with this blog with some kind of consistency. Although I don't like setting myself up for failure….lets give it a go.

We've been hunkered down in the house staying warm.
Taking hot bubble baths...

Getting out our brand new calendars...
Starting a new calendar is so satisfying.
The first plans written in that have to be crossed out are like fingernails on a chalkboard.
And then it's ruined and marked up from top to bottom in no time.

We did a comparison shot of JJ and Shelby.
JJ 3.5 months.
Shelby 8 months.
JJ outweighs her by 1.5 lbs here.

We had a perfectly lazy New Years.
Family and close friends came over, played games, ate too much, called it a night.

On to the weekend…a pretty lazy start to our Saturday.
Then of course, Shelby's very first wedding.
All JJ knew was we had to go to church, and then it was time for a dance party!

Kevin, sick of his back aching, borrowed this contraption from a church friend.
The wonderful, supportive wife that I am, I took both photos and videos of his take off and dismount.

And then, all of a sudden, we're in single digit temps.
Back to the hot baths.
JJ doesn't like when Shelby gets a sink bath.
He prefers she take her baths with him.
So he asked if he could grab a snack and at least watch her bath.
Sure, why not.
*Disclaimer - he is wearing underwear :)

Shelby is obsessed with the phone.
And seeing herself.
I took advantage and snapped some Shelby/Mommy selfies.

And in other news, her first tooth can now be seen with the naked human eye. 

So we've been putting that bad boy to use and munching on some puffs.
On a somewhat related note, I predict Sophie will gain anywhere from 3-7lbs in cereal weight over the next 5 months.

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