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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Ok. I'm serious…
How cute are these kids?!
This year, JJ decided months ago that he wanted to be Spiderman. 
He initially wanted to be Batman and wanted the baby to be Robin. 

I told him maybe another time.
I had plans for Shelby's costume this year….
Cabbage Patch Kid, ya'll!

Since Aunt Jo came out to take pictures for Shelby turning 6 months old...
…and did wonderful :)

These two BFFs.
Forever and ever.

Aaaaanyway, since Aunt Jo was here, it was a nice day, and we already had the costumes, we went ahead and photographed the kids in their Halloween gear.

Halloween night, Shelby was fussing and taking a super short nap right before we walked out the door to trick or treat, JJ was anxious to get started, I was getting the kids ready by myself since Kevin got called out of town last minute - things were crazy. 
BUT - the pictures were already done.
I didn't have to worry about getting the perfect shot in all that chaos.
So much relief. 

Our first stop….
We only went like 5 places…
Steeleville Baptist Church trunk or treat.
Steeleville Village Hall trunk or treat (amazing!)
Sparta Nursing Home
Sparta Fire Dept
And my momo's.

That's it.
And somehow we still ended up with 2 buckets full of candy.

It was super cold, and Shelby was tired/over it about 40 minutes in.
So it was a short year for us this year.
Better than last year in the rain, but still….

The rest of the weekend was filled with stuff like this...
And cleaning, cartoons, church, and waiting for Daddy to come back home.

Kevin got home Sunday evening.
Somehow, Monday morning - by 6 or so, all four of us were in bed together.
Shelby was happy about it.
JJ was out of it.
Kevin was burying himself trying to deal with it all.

I told him to buck up.
We don't have too many years left of JJ sneaking in our bed at 5am. 

So, I'll take it.

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