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Thursday, November 13, 2014

A day in the life...

This has been a bit of a boring week. 
Shelby's nose has been running and congested since Friday night.
I've experienced it myself, so I realize it's medically possible….
But I don't understand how a nose can both run like a faucet and be completely clogged.
So I've been suctioning, wiping, irrigating, and comforting on a pretty solid rotation.
And yucky.

But I've also been lying to my sweet, little boy.
By telling him these are "Chicken sticks."
When he can read, my deception skills are going to have to up their game.
I did, eventually, come clean.
After he ate them.
And then PREFERRED them, to his regular chicken bites.

Also, winter is upon us.
Shelby's ready.

We've entered the realm of baby food.
Like, prunes.
Which she loves. 
But, like every other baby in the world, gets it every where.

So Shelby's days go a little like this…
Wake up.
Nurse for breakfast.
Wake up.
Baby food for lunch.
Post lunch bath.

Post bath nursing.
Milk coma.
(aka, nap.)

Where I sometimes take the opportunity to clip her finger and toenails. 
And resist the urge to bite her tiny toes.
Wake up.
Nurse for dinner.
Play the evening away.
Nurse at bedtime.

Lather, rinse, repeat. 
Not a bad life for someone turning 7 months in just under 2 weeks. 
Which is, of course, insanity. 
Also insanity?
I've started hitting up pinterest for 1st birthday party ideas!
But I just can't help myself. 


Christine said...

i do the exact same thing with fish sticks! "eat your chicken nuggets" :)

Beth said...

Usually, if I cut his food into strips and call it a "stick" or a "fry" I can get him to eat it. "Oh these? They're just hamburger sticks, eat it. Over here? Just some good old meatloaf fries, want some?" lol!!