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Monday, October 20, 2014

What we've been up to...

I keep waiting for things to slow down.
Fingers crossed for that to happen any day now...

Last week we went and visited Papa for his birthday.
JJ took his camera and documented him opening his gift.
I've got to get these uploaded sometime.
Maybe give the kid his own album on Facebook.
Should be hilarious. 

We also went to see Momo and found some of Uncle Deedoo's old toys.

Shelby and Daddy watched some TV.

Speaking of Miss Shelby, she turns 6 months old this week. 
Her little peach fuzz hair is so light, she still looks bald.

Told you. 
Not fair.
Because THIS was JJ at the same age.
It was after a nap.
A pretty hard nap, apparently. 
But still…not fair.

We hit up brother's soccer game.

He did SO GOOD.
This was his best game.
He's learning so much - spring season should be great!

Aunt B came over to see us...

We had a little family shooting party - where I finally got to try out my birthday present.
In style, obviously. 

And this little thing FINALLY broke 14 pounds!
We've got a big week coming up.
(What else is new?)
But with fall soccer coming to an end, I'm hoping that means some easy weekends are heading our way.
Again, fingers crossed….

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