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Monday, October 13, 2014

Week(ish) Wrap Up

So we've been busy, as usual.
Doing really important things…
Like taking naps...

Cheering on the Cards...

Eating rice cereal (and tolerating it…sort of…)

Taking big girl baths….

With brother!

We also celebrated Daddy's birthday!

And since JJ didn't have to go to school on Friday, spent some time cuddling in our jammies.

This weekend, we cheered on brother...

Baked some cookies...

Got on the scale...
12 days shy of 6 months old.
Still under 14 lbs.
Still in size 1 diapers.
Still in 3 month clothes.
Our tiny, happy little girl.

But long and rocking rainbow tights to church :)

JJ and my cookie creations.

This is Shelby.

Can't you tell?

We were low key and lazy today, thanks to a rainy and windy day.
And somehow, I'm still going to bed tired.
It's a gift. :)

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