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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Let's jump back a couple years.
Yes, years.

As soon as JJ knew what a school bus was, he wanted to be on one. 
Every time we've seen a bus for the last 2 years, he's asked when he gets to ride one.
That day came Friday.

Field trip!
We went to the pumpkin patch.
And we rode a school bus there.
He was living it!

His teacher handed out worksheets and crayons to everyone.
We got to circle the items on the worksheet as we spotted them on our way.

Once we got there, we loaded up for a hayride out to the acres of pumpkins on the farm.
JJ was slightly excited.

He found the perfect little pumpkin for himself.

Then he picked one for Shelby.

The group shot.
Mine is the super smiley kid in the middle, fyi.

We went through a corn maze, milked a pretend cow, fed some goats...
Saw some chickens, had a snack, crawled around in some straw...

And took pictures.
We had a pretty great day :)

That evening we headed up to New Athens for a gospel sing with my grandparents.
After such a day, everyone went to bed exhausted.

But we were up early for JJ's last soccer game of the season.

At halftime, they have out trophies.

Trophies, ya'll!
For the second half of the game, parents and grandparents got to play with the kids.
Myself, Kevin, Umi and Papa all got to spend some time on the field with JJ.
It was a fun way to end the season.
We're already looking forward to spring season!
Steeleville Baptist Church puts on a really great program.
They are organized, on top of things, and really know what they're doing.
I can't say enough good things about it.

Saturday was a special day, specifically because our sweet Shelby turned 6 months old!

On Sunday, Aunt Jo and Uncle Deedoo came down after church for lunch.
I've put some of the shots on FB, but will share here later.
She also got some AMAZING shots of them in their Halloween costumes, which I'll wait to share on Friday - because they are AWESOME.

Today, when JJ got out of school, I opened his backpack and found these…
His school pictures came!!!!
The class shot...

And seriously, this kid...
Looking so. stinkin. big.
I can't even. 

We're looking forward to a fun week, JJ can't wait to trick-or-treat and I can't wait to get the kids back in their costumes. Come on, Friday!

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