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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

(Week) Wrap Up

So, kids get into school and then life gets crazy busy?
Is that how life works?

Wednesdays are always insane for us.
Choir starts back up next week.
Then evening service.

Thursday, we did some morning swimming so Shelby could participate with her new SwimTrainer!
That tiny little butt.

She liked it!
But was tired, had her paci, and just wanted to sleep.

I honestly don't remember anything else that happened Thursday.

Friday, we swam.
Or really, just jumped in the pool repeatedly.
Then dinner with Mom, Dad, B, and Grandma and Papa.
Home, baths, bed.

Saturday, I cleaned.
All. Day.
One of the things I cleaned up was JJ's old Jumperoo.
Shelby loved it!

So much so, that when Kevin lowered it on Sunday and she could reach with her little feet, she was having a blast. 
Sunday we were up and off to Mom and Dad's.
JJ was going to to church and spend the night with Aunt B up in StL.
I trust her completely with my child.
I hated him being so far away!
But he had a blast and was treated to swimming, rocket shaped play grounds, fries, iHop, movies…he had a pretty great time.

We went to church, Mom and Dad's for lunch, home to play, back to church, then off to WalMart to do our shopping for the week.
Finally, home again.

Monday, I found a couple pics to compare...
They are pretty different in nearly every single way.
Only a week apart in age here.

JJ came home around noon.
First thing he wanted to do?
 See the baby.
She was pretty stinkin' happy to see him, too.
He walks into her view, she's immediately smiling.
I will bend over backwards and act a complete fool to get a half-hearted, little, pity, one note laugh.
JJ just looks at her funny?
Full on giggles.

She's obsessed.
He's obsessed.
I'm obsessed with the both of them.
Happy Tuesday :) 

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