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Monday, September 22, 2014

Party Weekend

Last week was party prep…
We bought so much food I had to get two carts. 
And that required JJ to help.

It was total chaos.
But it worked. 

Friday was the big day.
Shelby was excited.

The cake and cupcakes arrived, which got me all excited.

(Thank you, Leslie! They were perfect and completely delish!)

We went outside to start decorating and Shelby and PB got comfy.

Then PB decided to massage the baby's face...

But then they went back to cuddling. 

Astronauts ready for the party!

Plus Papa...

Piñata candy!

Blowing out candles!

Papa Lee.
(One of Shelby Lee's namesakes.)

He's a pretty fun guy.

I'll steal some of Aunt Jo's awesome shots and share more party pics later, those were all that were on my phone. JJ had an absolute blast :)

Saturday morning we were up early for soccer.
JJ, in the center, during pre-game prayer.
I mean, seriously….

Or whatever term soccer uses.
I have no idea. 

Afterwards, we sorta crashed the rest of Saturday.
Ran to WalMart.
Made some soup.
Nothing major.

Although Papa did balance the baby.
The first time she loved it.
I grab the phone to take a pic and this happens...

Sunday was church, Papa came over for lunch (since Umi had to work).
Then we were off to another birthday party!

Obviously, a good time was had by all.

And sine we have a TON of glowsticks left from JJ's party, we set up a few on one of our ceiling fans...

Turned that bad boy on and just watched it spin for a while.

And there you have it.
Our party weekend.
I. am. exhausted.

Both kids are in bed, it's just now 10, and I'm ready to crash myself.
Happily :)

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