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Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

And also a bit of last week in there, too.
Bear with me. 

Last week is pretty easy to sum up.
We did a lot of swimming.

Which means Shelby was either asleep inside, or chilling in the shade.

With Peanut Butter licking her feet nonstop. 

I mean seriously...

Is there anything better?

Oh, wait…add a slide.
That's better. 

And here's what's awesome about swimming.
This kid crashes!

Sometimes Shelby sits in her bouncy seat.
Sometimes she sits in a rocker (Thank you, still, sweet North's!!)
And sometimes I drag a swing out for her...

JJ and I swim and get sunshine and splash and slide...

And Shelby just takes it all in. 

Then we come in and get dry and tie ourselves into knots in our big comfy shirts.
He actually had to come and ask me to help him out of this one.
He couldn't manage it alone. 

JJ specifically asked to have a picture of him kissing my face.

I'll take it :)

Wal-Mart has been crazy with the Grand going on out at the ATA.
We tried a later than usual grocery run, and Shelby did this the whole time….

The weekend was super lazy.
JJ did a lot of this...

And Shelby laid around in a diaper most of the time.
So what?

And I recorded this on Sunday.
JJ has been in heaven watching it. 
And truthfully, so have I :)

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