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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wrapping Up, guests, headbands, etc...

Ok, so last week, we had 2 sets of houseguests.
Preparing and entertaining kept us busy.
But, we had tons of fun!

So to recap a ton of events over the last week or so…
JJ made rainbows.
He'd drive his trike through the water in circles, then come and tell me to take a picture of his rainbow.

Peanut Butter and Baby Bob have made themselves comfortable.
They're fitting right in.
Except Big Bob still hates them.

Shelby has started chewing.
Her clothes.
Her burp rags.
Her Sophie.

Our first houseguests arrived, and our girls bonded.

Lots of bubbles were blown...
Swimming, driving Power Wheels, playing cars, watching movies…
Everyone went to bed tired every night.

Then Tuesday, it was my birthday.
Another year old, another firearm.
This one, however, isn't just a pink AR pulled off of a shelf.
This AR has been at least 7 years in the making.
Kevin has slowly been ordering in parts and building it for me.
It's taken him all those years to find exactly what he wanted, part by part.
And he's kept it a total secret.

Then, I spent the afternoon in the pool.
Shelby joined us for a bit, and JJ kept her happy while I tanned.
iPad, Wheat Thins, a bouncy seat, and a paci.

We met Mom and Dad for dinner.
Batman joined us.

Batman also came along grocery shopping that week.
How fortunate am I?!

Shelby actually rode in her carseat for this shopping trip.
I usually have to wear her, so this was a welcomed break :)

Before we knew it, more houseguests to snuggle the baby!

Kevin's sister and 3 nieces came in to meet Miss Shelby and play with JJ.
I mean, they visited with Kevin and I, too….but we don't really compare with cute kiddos.

Cousins playing in the pool...

…and teaming up to soak the dog.

While the kids swam and we visited on the porch, PB cozied up to Kevin.

In no time, they were neck to neck.

On Saturday, Mom, B, Shelby and myself were StL bound.
First up pedis.

Then lunch.

Then the mall, the Loft, Target, REI…we were everywhere.
Finally home, exhausted, for some visiting and movies before bed. 

Up early for church.

After which, we said goodbye to our company.
But not before some pictures :)

That evening, Papa came out for a swim.
Umi held the baby. 

We set out the day before to find a baptism dress.
I failed in doing so…but found a couple HILARIOUSLY awesome head wraps at Nordstroms.
I mean…seriously. 

Today, I started filling out JJ's preK registration forms.
oh boy...
How is this summer nearly over?
How is my kid starting school?

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