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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week Wrap Up

Ok so last week was a blur.
As was the week before it.
And now that Monday is nearly gone, time to recap.
Oh, scratch that, just realized it's after midnight.
Technically Tuesday.
Oh well.

So, here's a picture recap of the last week.
Seriously, the back of this outfit.
Halter top with the bow.

Our church, Bethel RPC turned 195.

JJ had a checkup on Monday to get ready for PreK.
Shelby went with us.
They love each other SO MUCH.

If I didn't know any better, I would say that hair looks a bit red.
Oh boy.

After the checkup, we went grocery shopping.
But not before stopping to nurse in the back of the parking lot.
Where, again, I was like - boy, her hair is looking red.

Even redder when she's mad.
Temper temper there, little ginger. 

Tuesday was weird.
Bob and Larry were scheduled to get "fixed" on Wednesday morning.
When I went outside Tuesday morning to bring them inside to make sure they were ready and didn't eat after midnight, get the crate ready, etc etc….something was wrong with our little Larry.
Meowing in pain.
Just out of it. 
I got Kevin over to give me his opinion.
We decided to call the vet.
While on the phone with the vet, Larry started going crazy.
He was meowing like crazy, trying to stand but couldn't…the vet said get him here asap.
We did, but Larry didn't make it through the night.

JJ was devastated.
The vet thinks he had a brain injury, something got ahold of him and he somehow made his way back home. We found him and tried to help the best we could.
He was just an outside cat, but a very sweet one.
My assumption is that he started tomming around, like male cats will do, and being out in the country - wandering around is pretty dangerous for a little cat. He got away from whatever tried to cause him harm, but the damage was done.

I told JJ we could pick one of Umi's kitties to come live with us.
He could pick whatever one he wanted.
He said he just wanted another Larry.
He's on board now, and I think he's picked a little orange fella.
But I want a tailless one, so we might be grabbing two.
Don't get made, Kevin!

Whatever we get will get spayed/neutered as soon as they can, to hopefully keep them close to home and strip them of the urge to roam around to find companionship.

Aaaaanyway, back to the recap…..

Shelby turned 2 months old Wednesday and modeled some swimwear.

Umi and Papa came by with the motorcycle they rented for their anniversary.
32 years and counting.

Mornings are still Shelby's favorite.

I did this by accident.
Actually, I didn't "do" this.
The washer was trippin' and giving me a sud error message.
Ya think?!

JJ had another game on Friday night.
Umi and Papa hung out with the baby.

JJ woke up like this Saturday morning.
Kevin pulled back the blankets and found him this way.

I brought Shelby in to help me wake him.
It worked for a minute.

But then he was back out.

Once he was up, he was following Dad around all day long.

Sunday we went to church, then Mom and Dad's for lunch.
Then off to an open house for some friends.
So many of my friends from my childhood/teenage years are having kids.
It's so surreal! 
We played together, grew up together, and now we're having kids that play together.
I love it!

This morning, our concrete work around the pool got finished up.

So excited!
It looks so great!

Once JJ saw me taking pictures, he grabbed his iPod and started doing the same.

Then we came back in to take some pics of the baby.

Also, Shelby is nearly 10 weeks old.
And that balloon is still kicking.

Tonight, JJ's tball season came to an end.

The team with their fearless leaders :)

See those rides behind us?
Just past Shelby's double chin?
(Which I love, by the way.)
The Steeleville Picnic starts tomorrow night!
Wahoo! The 4th of July is nearly here!


Christine said...

the halter top with the bow! sooooooo cute! :)

jennifer glasco said...

Love your recaps!