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Friday, July 18, 2014

Just Wrapping It Up

We've been busy doing nothing for the last week.
I mean that. 
I can't tell you specifically any one event or thing that has kept us busy.
But every evening when I sit down to type something out on this blog of mine, it seems like sometimes comes up.

Like a sword wielding Spiderman. 

I did mention last week that I was trying to talk Kevin into 2 kittens.
I succeeded.

JJ named his Peanut Butter. 

That's my little one on the right.
Bob is their grandmother, technically.
Look how similarly they're colored!


Baby Bob.
Or Tiny Bob, if you're JJ.
Or Bob-Face, if you're Kevin.
She's a kitten of many names. 

I've also been kept busy by this long, little, naked butt.
Is there anything more hilariously cute than a baby butt?!

I've been trying to find new ways to trick her into taking naps.
This one last a day.
Then she figured it out.
This is a pillow, not my mom.

We've been hanging out in our nightgowns...

…watching Harry Potter.

We tried swimming...

…but it worked out better for Mommy to go at it alone.

We tried out the Bumbo, which Shelby loved.

We recorded Gnomeo & Juliet and have been watching it on repeat, per JJ's request.

I caught JJ attempting to calm his crying sister the other day using "This Little Piggy".
It was completely precious.

And this little miss, who will be 12 weeks old tomorrow, has been tearing up this head control stuff. 
She's been practicing for weeks.
And she's pretty proud.

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