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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

On a Tuesday night. 

Ok, back to Wednesday…
JJ and I made a rocket…which apparently needed a windshield.

So he got one. 

On that day, I didn't get to shower or brush my teeth until Kevin got home from work.
Shelby has been very needy lately. 
Requiring to be held, or else she screams her head off. 
I was stressed that day.
I had also been trying to grow my hair out.
But I had a 6pm appointment with Amber and the stress of the day won out.
I said, "Take it all off. Cut it. Just cut it."
So she did :)

Thursday was an interesting day.
Shelby woke up happy!
But still required holding all day.
I sincerely mean all day.
She won't sleep unless she's being held.
Then the internet and phones went out.
It was Mom's birthday, so we went out to eat with her and Dad.
Then, she got to spend the rest of her birthday holding the baby while Dad and Kevin tried to get the internet back up and running.
It worked :)

On Friday we stayed home most of the day...

We got ready for Father's Day...
And then went to Mom and Dad's to eat dinner.
B cooked for Mom's birthday and we hung out there for the evening.

Saturday, the kids and I picked up Mom and we went shopping.
I'm not quite in my pre-pregnancy clothes yet.
They zip, but they don't fit. 
Not pleasing to the eye. At all.
And not comfortable yet.
So Mom wrangled kids while I tried on clothes all day.
(Thanks, Mom!)
The only picture I took that day was of JJ in Target getting water guns to fight with Papa.
Kevin and Dad worked outside all day.
Everyone went to bed completely drained.

Sunday I woke up early to make Kevin a Father's Day surprise.
Breakfast pizza!

It was pretty delish.

JJ presented Kevin with his gift.
The shirt we got him had a hole in it.
So we'll take it back and exchange it for another.
And Shelby's gift hasn't arrived yet.
But it's pretty awesome.

We went to church.
Then to Mom and Dad's for lunch.
Shelby got to love on Papa for a while.
And Jo and Deedoo came for the afternoon and she got to love on them, too. 

That night, JJ asked if he could take a bath with the baby.

He's a pretty good helper. 

Monday started well.

I told JJ I had to take a shower.
Please watch the baby and if she cries give her her paci.
He said, "But it just falls out of her mouth!"
So I told him to hold it there.

I got out of the shower and found them like this. 
JJ was not nude when I got in the shower.
Oh well.
Good job, brother.

Later we were watching movies.
I asked JJ if he knew what this movie was.
He said, Well, they look like Peter Pan."
I had never noticed that before. 

JJ entertained Shelby while I picked up around the house.

Then we were off to another Tball game!

With Papa.

The coaches like the kids to take a few swings while being pitched the ball.
On JJ's first time at bat, he requested the tee be brought over :)

But his second time around he did attempt to hit.

When we got home he jumped in the pool for a bit before getting ready for bed.

This morning, the baby played in JJ's old activity mat.
I am loving going through his old stuff we have packed away and remembering all the neat stuff he had to keep him busy!

We made smoothies and JJ delivered a couple to Daddy and B at work.

I also got smart and found a way to trick our little diva into thinking I was still holding her.
Took off my nightgown (at 1:30 in the afternoon - finally!) and put her on it.
It was warm and smells like Mom - got cha!
She even stayed down for 2.5 hours!

Every second of that time, JJ and I were in the pool.

As soon as the monitor alerted us to her waking, though, we hustled inside. 

They've spent the rest of the night enjoying each other and their Daddy while I get a few things done around the house. 

Not a bad weekend.
And it's supposed to stay hot this week.
Fingers crossed that I can keep tricking the baby and get some good sun in!!

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