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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I wanted to write this post last night.
But then I started cleaning, got in a bath, and went to bed.
37 weeks pregnant, it doesn't take much to tucker me out.

I wanted to write this post earlier today.
But all the errands I ran, then making dinner, then cleaning, then a bath…this is the best I could do.

On Saturday, some wonderful women from my church threw a shower to help us prepare to welcome our little girl into the world. It was perfect.

My grandmas outdid themselves. 
Momo gifted Baby #2 with the pinkest, frilliest, sweetest outfit.
I should take a pic, it's darling.

My Grandma Kathy gifted Baby #2 with a handmade afghan, and this dress...
…which she made for me somewhere around (nearly) 31 years ago.
She cleaned it up a bit and gave it a new ribbon - viola!

Grandma Marilyn gifted Baby #2 with a handmade quilt.
As you can see, it's gorgeous.
One lady asked, "How long does it take to do something like that?"
She answered, "A long time."

This is my Sis-in-law Joanna (who always takes amazing pictures wherever she goes - I steal them routinely), myself (ignore the pregnant face), and sister Brooke.

Once we were home, JJ loved helping get the gifts inside.

And having Deedoo around for a while.

Joanna snapped this shot of Bob and one of the kittens. 
I love it.

JJ just loves them.

Let's see…what else have we been up to…
I had to rearrange the living room, to make room for baby and our new glider.
I told Kevin a few weeks ago…
"KEVIN!" (I was in a panic, you see.) "We don't have ANYTHING that rocks! We need something that rocks!" So - we got a glider.

We also got a buffet to keep baby things in without having them scattered all over the living room.
(Diapers, wipes, sanitizer, etc)

At the shower, JJ got a new set of jammies, he rocked them that very night.

Sunday morning we were off to church, but first - he requested a picture be taken.

Today, he colored on his batman shirt.
With a permanent marker.
While he was wearing it.
If you can't tell by his face, he was in trouble. 

Tomorrow we are doing haircuts (for me), library, and more cleaning/organizing/packing the hospital bag…since I'm 23 days away from my due date.
And I'm still freaking out.
So close. 

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