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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wrappin' It Up

Let's see…what have we been up to….
Last week, I wanted to do a #TBT on Instagram.
Since it's near Valentine's Day, I went back through my Facebook photos and found the little photo shoot I did for JJ's first Valentine's Day.
Look at my little chunk!
I showed Kevin the picture and he said, "I forgot how BIG he was!"
But it's a good big. 
Chunky babies are happy babies.
And cuuuute.

And the hair.
JJ was born with a mop full of hair.
For weeks we called him our Mad Scientist, because of all that crazy, untamable hair.
Today I was thinking about it.
I hope our little girl has hair.
Just watch, she'll be bald as a baby's butt for the first entire year of her life. 
But I'm still holding out there will be some kind of hair to embellish with flowers and bows. 

Dad and Kevin have been working out in the building most of last week and again this week.
They work late into the night.
Sometimes I make it, sometimes I crash. 
And it's been so cold, I don't like the outside "chores"…
By that, I mean opening the doors and getting chills.
I'm a baby, whatever.

So one night I left Kevin this note...
because who can say NO to a pregnant woman you made you some cookies, right?
It worked.

JJ and I made sugar cookies on Saturday.
We decorated them and took them to church on Sunday for a fellowship dinner.

My parents got me these awesome cookie markers for Christmas.

They're pretty fun.

Addictive, even.

Also on Saturday, Uncle Deedoo and Aunt Jo came down so we could celebrate Aunt B's birthday a bit early. While at Mom and Dad's, Aunt B got the great idea to let JJ sleep over and bring him to church Sunday morning.

Kid was up at 6am.
That NEVER happens. 
He sleeps until I wake him.
He will sleep until noon, easy, if I let him.

So he was a bit of a crab at church.
So after lunch, we laid down for a nap as soon as we walked in the door.
He was out in 5 minutes.
Bedhead within the hour.

Monday we stayed home, since it was fa-reezing out.

Today, we got groceries.
Then, we went and signed up for T-Ball.
Holy moly.
This is going to be hilarious.

I cleaned house for the rest of the afternoon and started dinner while JJ watched some toons.

And drank hot chocolate.

And accidentally handcuffed ourselves with a necklace.

While Mom took pictures and cracked up.

But I eventually helped him out of them.

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