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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is it spring yet?

We had a pretty low key weekend.
Largely stayed home.
Ran around a bit. 
Got all fixed up.
JJ likes to be touched.
Playing with his hair.
Rubbing his feet.
Scratching his back.

But, he wants it done a certain way.
Example: When Aunt Jo tried to "fix him" a couple weeks ago, she was being jovial and silly.
He wasn't having it.
And insisted on dictating to her how it should be done.

You're supposed to take it seriously, take your time, and fix him!

Thankfully, yesterday was a nice day.
Really nice.
Mid 50s nice.

So we took a ride.

We actually took a few rides.
Really made us anxious for spring.

While out shopping, JJ and I found a shaving kit for him.
We bought it and took it home to Daddy.
Last night, they tried it out.

JJ was not a fan, initially, of putting junk on his face.

He's not a messy kid.
He doesn't tolerate mud or muck caked on him.
But he got used to it.

He actually got to really like it. 
In fact, he shaved 3 times.

Today wasn't as nice as yesterday, but nice enough for a ride.
JJ and I made muffins today.

Fun fact…
We make muffins at least 3 times a week.
He's crazy about muffins.
Today, it was banana crumble muffins.

He loaded up his truck and took some back to the shop for everyone to enjoy.
All by himself.
Mr. Big Stuff

Got her parked in the garage just before it started to sprinkle a bit.
We seriously can't wait for spring.

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