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Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up...and Bob's gone crazy.

Friday was very low key.
Like, the whole day.
Not a bad thing.

Friday night, Aunt B came over and we watched "The Help".
I hadn't seen it yet. Not bad.

Saturday was a big day.
According to JJ, we were having a gun party.
Really, we were going to a trap shoot - close enough.
I knew it was going to be fun when we got to jam to this on the way...
JJ seriously loved it.
Looks like I'm going to have to download it.

We got there and started shooting.
JJ brought his own shotgun, ear protectors, and even a few shells.
Or as he called them...batteries.

JJ also wanted to keep his gun with everyone else's.

Nate wanted to try out my gun, shooting vest, and sunglasses...

So he did.

Family photo.

We visited, played Annie Oakley, ate a ton of good food, and then busted out a giant sling shot.
Softballs and tomatoes were sent flying.
Fun was had by all.

We ended the day with fun rides around in the woods.

Sunday was church, pizza, Dad and Kevin fixing the back door to the deck (thank you!), enjoying some naps, back to church, and home again.

It was a pretty great weekend.
We always look forward to the Gerlach Trap Shoot and Picnic.

Fun fact...
Bob (the cat) was gone for a few days.
One week, actually.
Today, as JJ and I ran out quickly to head by the bank, I open the garage door and hear the most awful moaning. It was Bob.
She was under the car parked out in the driveway.
As I tried to see what was wrong (and make sure she wasn't having her kittens under the car) she emerges - SKINNY! And ANGRY!
She was hissing like crazy.
So JJ jumped in the car and I ran inside to get her some food, threw it outside, jumped in the car myself and off we went.

When we got back, Kevin was in the garage.
Bob was both rubbing against his leg and hissing at him.
It was bizarre.
JJ climbs out of the car and she starts doing the same to him.
I went inside and got her some milk and she freaked.
I think she was starving (although I've still been putting food out every night.)

Tonight, before I came upstairs for bed, I went outside with some more food and called her.
She came right away and started eating pronto.
So I figure, I bed she's thirsty.
Get her some water, and she starts...I don't know.
It was technically hissing, I guess - but really aggressively, mouth wide open, and all I could think was, "Oh snap, I'm going to get a disease."
So I sat the water down and high-tailed it out of there.

Those post-pregnancy hormones must be making her crazy.
Also, no sign of any kittens yet :(
I have no idea where she had them.

This coming week is going to be a big one.
JJ turns 4!
We're party planning, shopping, and preparing.
Today JJ got to have an early gift from his great-grandparents since they'll be out of town this weekend. He already put the movie to use at bedtime this evening - so thanks Grandma and Papa!

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