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Monday, September 16, 2013

JJ's 4th Birthday Wrap Up

This weekend, JJ turned 4 years old!
We woke up Saturday morning and went straight to Doreen's for breakfast.
Once we were done, it was straight home to get everything ready for the party.

The cake and cupcakes were dropped off (thanks again, Leslie!) and looked ah-maze-ing.

(With the candles on the cake)

We set up pirate banners, flags, lights, and an accessories table...

Then it was time to get the food table ready...

Pinterest helped me plan this party.
For real.

JJ being sung to...
(He played outside all day, we kept wiping his face off, he kept getting filthy...)

The party :)

One of JJ's gifts was a fishing pole...

He nearly whacked Mommy good...

Getting his present from mom and dad...

The pirate crew

Uncle Adam and Aunt Jo - who takes such awesome pictures at pretty much every family function.

We had a great time!
Exhausting, but great.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate!
We appreciate each and every one of you!


Cassie said...

i'm pretty sure i need to invite those three older women to my next party. they look like a riot!

you are such an awesome mommy. the party looked AMAZING! happy birthday bud!

Beth said...

I'm standing right behind my grandmother. The other two ladies are her sister (on the right) and their BFF Judy. They are hilarious. Small amounts of alcohol make them even more hilarious. :)

You are so sweet, lady! I hope we run into each other in real life sometime!!!

Sarah North said...

What an awesome party!!! Love the pirate ship ice buckets!