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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up (Late. Again.)

I will get back to blogging regularly.
I will get back to blogging regularly.
I will get back to blogging regularly.

Warning: This is going to be a very disjointed, awkward post - I fear.
It's like I'm losing my ability to compose a blog post the flows nicely as you jump from one pic to the next. I'm out of practice. Ok, here goes...

This staying busy stuff is for the birds.

Let's go over parts of last week and, of course, the weekend...shall we?

In the mornings, Sophie likes to wait for JJ to rise and shine.

Sometimes she waits a while.

Last week, I got to text with a toddler.
And it was hilarious.
Still kills me!

After swimming, JJ likes to stay comfortable while playing "the pad."

Now we're weekending...
JJ got to hang with his 3rd cousin.
In a pool, which is always nice.
We had a great time playing and visiting.
Hope we can do it again SOON!

JJ again proved that he cannot handle heavy machinery.
Lawnmowers, tractors, etc...puts him right to sleep.

We had VBS at church this weekend.
Went to visit Great-Grandma and Great-Papa.

Did a lot of this, since we both hate early mornings.

JJ had lunch with Pastor Bob.

Recited bible verses at the program...

And sang some songs.

JJ and Papa played Children of the Corn.

Then yesterday, he got obsessed with taking pictures again.

Not bad for a nearly 4-year-old.

Baby's first selfie.
This made me laugh so hard.
Ignore the mess.
While we're still unpacking, I use my hampers (although my mom insists they're called laundry baskets) to carry things up and down the stairs on the 3 levels of this giant house. That way, as I empty boxes, I throw the items in my hampers if they need to go up or downstairs. JJ thinks he has to help empty them, thus the random stuff all over the floor. seriously cracks me up.
I hope he gets it out of his system before he's one of those annoying teenagers taking selfies in the bathroom mirror every stinkin' day and writing stuff like "Just woke up, lol." Or some song lyric or inspirational quote. Let's just call it what it is, self-centeredness. 

An every once in the while shot, ok.
Daily? Really?
So heavily edited that when you say that you're "make-up free", it doesn't mean much. I'm not even sure it counts.

That was a nice little rant.
Ahh, I feel better.

But seriously, if my kid ends up like that, he's getting his phone/internet privileges revoked. 
Ok, back on track.
The above photo is still hilarious.

Have a nice Tuesday night, bring on Wednesday!

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