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Monday, June 17, 2013


I have no other way to say it. 
Today's title is just "Recap."
Because there's a lot of recappin' to do.

Let's go back a couple weeks (yikes) to VBS.
Night 1

Night 2 - WVU (Blue/Gold) or Marshall (Green/White) Night.
As my son does not have any apparel from either school, I pulled a blue/yellow shirt out of his closet.
He insisted on the Cards hat and sunglasses.

Night 3 - Red, White & Blue Night.
Again, he insisted on the hat.

Night 4 - Hat Night.

Then, Friday we were off to IL.
Our future home sweet home.
We took a load of household stuff with us.
So exciting!
We're so close!!

Saturday we celebrated Mom's birthday.

Sunday we had church, said goodbye to Daddy, as he was back on his way to WV, and had a church picnic.

Monday JJ and I went shopping crazy.
We picked out bedroom and living room furniture and some carpet for downstairs.
For the most part, he did pretty good.
But he was over shopping pretty quick.

Tuesday he accompanied me to get my hair this...
Then lunch, drop him off at my MoMo's to run errands, pick that kid back up, visit grandparents and head back to Mom and Dad's.

While we were doing that, my Dad and brother were off getting this...

Dad's got big plans for his backyard.

Wednesday we were up and off to St. Louis to see my brother, sister, and "The Baby", which is what JJ calls the sweet little girl my sister nannies. 

Once back, since it was my Mom's actual birthday, we got everything we needed for a surprise party.

Guess who picked the balloons?

I have no idea how to spell Umi? But that's what JJ calls her...

He was hiding at church, waiting for her to round to corner so he could yell SURPRISE!

Thursday, up and off to WV.
Back to packing and planning to make the move.

Just a couple more weeks - we can do this!

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Cassie said...

this is all kinds of happy! i like it.

super excited for you to be back in IL. maybe we can meet in real life someday now!