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Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

First off, sorry for skipping Friday.
I always meant to get around to sitting down and writing out our day, but somehow never got to it.
Because we spent the whole day outside.
Eating snacks...

Picking numerous flowers...

And taking over the porch.

Saturday we met up with friends for playgrounds...

Consignment shopping...
Then more playtime and dinner.
Saturday night we went to bed tired.

Sunday we went to church, got lunch, came home and enjoyed just a bit of time outside before it started cooling off as the rain moved in.
I got another lovely bouquet...
Which is still hanging out in my kitchen.

Today we did phone calls, grocery shopping, flat tires....
You know, the usual.
In the rain, no less.
Thankfully, a phone call to my husband saved the day.
But it did put a kink in our evening and made sure we weren't home until nearly 8pm.
Then put away groceries, clean up a bit, and oh man - it's nearly midnight!
Yikes, guess I should get to bed.
Happy Monday (what's left of it), all!

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