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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up and LOL Wednesday

Since JJ was sick, this is what Friday night and all of Saturday looked like...

Then Sunday morning, I woke up feeling like dookie.
JJ took care of me the best he could...

But had free run of the house, and pretty much destroyed it playing.

Although, when he asked what was wrong and I told him, "Mommy hurts."
He said, "Oh, I fix!"
Thanks, bubba.

Monday was a new day and we all were starting to feel better.
I had a couple Memorial Day projects I was perfecting...

JJ got to play outside.

Dry his hands.

And mow with Daddy.

Tuesday I got my latest phone cover.

And JJ did some swimming.
But it was too cold for me, so I just watched.


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