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Monday, March 4, 2013

What I Saw At Wal-Mart

I'd do a weekend wrap up - but it would be this:
Lay around.
Pop a ton of Advil, DayQuil/NyQuil and Vitamin C daily.
Harry Potter marathon on my computer.

Doesn't that sound fun?

So let's go over today.
Post Office

Oh, Wal-Mart.
You never cease to amaze me.
Here are some things I saw at Wal-Mart today:

-2 grown men fight over a handicapped space.
-A woman well into her 80s dressed like she was 18. Tights, furry boots, animal print jacket, sunglasses...she was stylin'
-Another EIU alum! I met a cute elderly couple at checkout. The gentleman was wearing an EIU sweatshirt. I, of course, had to ask if he attended. What are the odds, another Eastern grad here in Charleston.
-A sweet old gal who really, REALLY wanted to interact with my son.

When that happens, I imagine this cute old folks don't have grandchildren, or theirs live across the country and they miss interacting with small children. So we chatted in the bread aisle. Both well out of the way of other shoppers, making sure they could get around us. JJ told her about his broken arm, his Buzz Lightyear hat, and his cars. 

We were having a nice conversation when a large, heavily pierced, semi-young man (I would say my age? Right around there somewhere) walked by with his friend/girlfriend/wife loudly announcing to us (that's putting it nicely) that...."Wal-Mart is for shopping, not standing around talking!" I'd use all caps to make sure you know he was yelling, but I feel like overuse of caps seems like you're exaggerating. There is no way to over-exaggerate how mean this guy was. And to an elderly lady? Nope, not while I'm standing here, well out of your way minding my own business. You don't get to but your pierced face into my conversation and interrupt this kind old woman.

He was super loud, very rude, and unnecessarily confrontational.
Thank goodness that little old lady was there, because what I *wanted* to say to him was nowhere near as nice as what I *actually* said to him.

While this sweet little granny talked with my son (I mean seriously, who can yell at a little old lady in a bread aisle?!) I stopped him and said,"Oh, you guys have a nice day! Ok?"

"Oh I *WILL* have a nice day!!"
He yelled back as he waddled away.
All I could say was, in the sweetest voice I could muster, "Um...well, that sounds...nice."

This evening, I've been folding clothes.
JJ's been playing on the myPad.
Not iPad.

Perched on cushions, pillows, an elephant, blankets...
Comfort is key.
But he won't let me take his shoes off.

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