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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Giant Wrap Up

Ok, let's go back to Wednesday...
JJ, Sophie, and myself jumped in the car and made our way to IL.

Sophie likes to keep her eyes on everything.

JJ likes to sleep.

Wanna hear something awesome?
Just after I went through Louisville, KY as I was crossing into Indiana, I saw something.
A bright, shiny, yellow, something....
I saw this...
I'd never seen a Lamborghini in person before.
And you know what?
I passed it.
Me, in my 96 Taurus - looking down on a Lamborghini.
Literally. Looking down.
That guys butt was only about 4 inches off the ground.
Those things ride low!

I took pictures myself, but they're awful.
Awful, but proof I didn't make it up!

We got to Mom and Dad's around 7:30pm, chilled til bedtime.

Visit grandparents.
Grocery shopping.

Appointment at the bank.
Run to Aldi's.
Dinner with the family.
Kevin arrives late.
I was a terrible wife and already went to bed.

Get up bright and early.
Kevin and I have a big morning.
We bought a house!

That's right, we're moving back home to IL.

We couldn't be more excited!!
And how cute is JJ's little house, with it's own fenced in yard.
It will take a couple months before we're ready to move in.
But - yikes, we're coming home!!
Feel like singing this from the top of my lungs on the way home...

*****Also, anyone having trouble seeing these videos I've been posting lately? I can't see them from my Apple devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone) but I can from my computer. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?*****

Back to our Saturday
After we closed, we spent most of the day at the house.
Showing it to family, taking pictures, making plans, having a little pizza party...we had a great day and got to celebrate with a lot of people we'll get to live near very soon!

Went to church.
Home for lunch.
Packed up the car and headed home.

Sophie, again, kept her eyes on everything.

We got back home around 11pm and hit the sack.

Monday, JJ and I did our normal routine of grocery shopping, random errands, and Chick-fil-A.
Tomorrow is another big day for me.
Another milestone.
Not "Buying a house" kind of milestone, but still.
Life is good.


Kacie said...

I always use my iPhone for the Internet and I can not see the videos. :(
However, YOU'RE MOVING BACK!!!!!!! Yay! I am so excited!!

Cassie said...

Congrats. What a beautiful home!!