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Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm back!
At least about 70% back.

Whatever JJ had hit me hard. Yuck.
Yesterday we went to church, it was the first time I left my house since Wednesday.
Lots to talk about.
Let's go back to Wednesday....

We got up early and headed to see the doctor.
(I already wasn't feeling well and JJ was in the middle of being sick, but no way we would miss this day!)
One last look at the cast...

Being brave...

It's gone!


Then, we got home Wednesday and I crashed. Hard.
I went ahead and cleaned house, vacuumed, mopped floors, and did laundry because I knew I was getting sick and wouldn't feel like doing any of that for a while.
Boy was I right.

Thursday I laid around all day.
Buried in a sea of used tissue.
It was lovely.

JJ was starting to feel better by Thursday, so he played most of the day.
He's really been mastering the iPad.
And since I was sick and not really monitoring him, he was having a blast!
His newest obsession? The camera.
No joke, I have over 150 new pictures on my iPad from this weekend.
All JJ.
They look like this...

(That's our Super Nintendo, our DVR, and some jungle toys.)

(I'm not even sure how he did this.)

Remember when I said I wasn't feeling well?
I told Kevin I was going to take a bath, which I haven't done in forever.
So I got JJ set up with some snacks and the iPad and went to the tub.
I left the door unlocked because the poor kid was still snotty and would run in every once in a while asking me to wipe his nose for him.

Then I heard, "Mommy, I see you."
I say, "I know. I see you, too."

I open my eyes and see my son, documenting my bath through pictures on my iPad.
The photographs were viewed by myself and my husband.
We had a good laugh and then DELETED just about all of them.

Once I started screaming, "GET OUT! GET OUT! CLOSE THE DOOR!" the pictures changed to this...
His little feet running down the hallway.
You know what?
I'm going to lock the door next time and let him take care of his own snot!