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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Potty Cars

Most of today, we stayed home.
Crocheting, playing, cleaning...
But I did have to run out to the bank, so we made a quick stop at K-Mart.
Captain Cool rode in the cart.
"Buggy" if you're from the hills of West Virginia.
We went straight for the toys and spent 20 bucks on cars.
"Go's" as JJ likes to call them.
Potty cars.
Providing the incentive to use the big boy potty.
Go in the potty, pick a "go".
We're hitting it hard after the New Year, but figured we could introduce him to the idea now. 

After K-Mart and the bank, we went over to Ellen's Homemade Ice Cream and got smoothies.
One for me.
One for JJ.
One to take home to Daddy.

This kid had his nearly gone before we got home.
Then he tried stealing mine.
Strawberry-Banana goodness.

Also - this just in...I'm officially done Christmas shopping!
Just waiting on a few items to make their way to my door.
But I am done and done.

Now, bring on the 25th!

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