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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I can't reach!

A weekend wrap up late on a Tuesday, what else is new.
Let's do this...
When UPS ran for the night, Kevin came upstairs asking, "What is Mrs. Fields?" do you not know what Mrs. Fields is?!?
I tell him it's cookies.
"Well, we got some."
One of our suppliers sent out a gift set of cookies.
They are delish.
We hung around the house the rest of the day/night.

We had choir practice that afternoon to prepare for our cantata on Sunday.
Our director, Ms. Linda, gave out these little guys...
Wrapped up chocolate bars dressed as snowmen, so cute!
And, again...delish.

Luncheon at church.
Home for the day.

Dr. appt for JJ
He made himself comfortable while we waited...
He's 36lbs, FINALLY up to average height, and 100% rotten.

Whenever we heard someone walk by he'd yell "HIDE!" 
Big boy got a flu shot and didn't cry.
Not one tear.
Just said, "Ouch."

Now, ripping that bandaid off of his hairy man thighs before bath last night - tears.

This morning, I was in the shower.
I heard my son yelling.
I tell him I can't hear/understand him, open the door.
"I can't reach!"
I say yes you can, of course you can.
He continues to yell.
I tell him to ask his dad for whatever it is he wants, I'm a bit busy at the moment.
He continues to yell.
I say, "What is your problem?"
Well, just wait, I'll be there soon.

Finish showering.
Blow dry my hair (because it's short, and if it sets wrong, I'm done for the day).
Open the door and walk into the kitchen.

JJ is on the counter.
Spread out are pretzels, cookies, crackers, suckers...a 3 year old feast!
In his chubby little hands - Wheat Thins.
He can't get down because he refuses to let go of the Wheat Thins to climb down on the chair he used to get up there in the first place. So he just sat there...emptying the cabinet...waiting.

A pretty good start to my Tuesday, I guess.
Now, back to crocheting a sweet, sweet beard.

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Cassie said...

everyone about this made me laugh. too funny.

score on the cookies!!