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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week Wrap Up

I can do that, right?
Wrap up nearly an entire week in one post?
Here goes...

Drive home with JJ.
Basically uneventful, except for that stretch of interstate in Indiana where I can to call 911.
I have never in my life witnessed such road rage.
And if you know my dad, or have ever ridden in a car with him, you know that is really saying something.
(PS - I harbor no illusions. I can rage just as hard as my dad. It's probably genetic.)

Head to STL to hang with Aunt B, Aunt Jo, and "BeBe" CeCe.
We played giant guitars...

Built towers with Aunt Jo....

Drew with BeBe...
(Who's name is CeCe, but he calls her his own combination of Baby and CeCe. I just go along with it.)

And laughed so hard I almost peed a little...
From L-R
CeCe, Brooke, Joanna, myself, and JJ - making a grumpy old man face.

After the Magic House, we met up with Uncle Adam (DeeDoo) and had some SugarFire BBQ.
Then back home where Grammy and Papa anxiously awaited our return.
Mainly, JJ's return, but still.

On my way home, I filled up in Sparta.
Are you kidding me?
It's still $3.60 in Charleston.

Grandparents (one successful attempt, one passed on the highway)
Out to eat some fish in Smithton.

Aunt B and Uncle Adam came to visit.
Rice and Fries for lunch - it had been WAY too long.
Hang around the cabin, play outside, run into town to buy JJ some work gloves like Papa's, have a fun day.

Lunch with Grandparents
More playing in the woods
Wal-Mart run for snacks to eat on the road.

Drive, drive, drive.

Go to HomeGoods and get Kevin new pillows.
Go to Petsmart and get Sophie food and a new bed.
Go to Kohls and get a brand new quilt for our bed...and then new sheets, some decorative pillows, odds and ends to complete the look (which I'm very pleased with!)
Go to the bank.
Go to Wal-Mart to get groceries.
Go to Sally Beauty for some cotton coil - because I saw this on Pinterest and HAVE to try it.

Most of the day, JJ just kept asking to go home.
But guess who wants to be running around the day before Thanksgiving?
Not me. That's who.
So we got it all (nearly) done today.

Come home, clean house, and now I am tuckered out.
Thanksgiving prep tomorrow.
Here we go!

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