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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Til You Drop

Shop til you drop just got real.

First, allow me to show you our brand new bedding - I love it!
In just under 2 weeks, Kevin and I will celebrate 6 years of marriage.
We have yet to learn how to share the blankets.
So I bought a king sized quilt for our queen bed.
It works perfectly!

Wednesday, I had to run and get some yarn.
Orders are rolling in this time of year.
As soon as I finish this post, it's back to crocheting for me.
But until then....
This is how JJ wanted to be carted around Joann's Fabrics...
Then, because I needed just a FEW odds and ends, I decided since Kroger's was right next door, I'd just pop in and out real quick. The day before Thanksgiving. Things did not work out as planned.
But I got my goods and went home.

I made my very first Thanksgiving turkey!
(Second ever turkey)
Late that night, Mom and Dad came in for the weekend.

They brought with them a pie my Momo sent!
Which was perfect.
Because I didn't make any Thanksgiving deserts.
Well, I did, but it was a new cookie recipe and ended up awful.
Like fresh turds from the oven.
I'm not sure what went wrong - but that's ok, because I got some pie!

We did a bit of afternoon shopping.

We did some more shopping.
And some Christmas lights...

Baby's first tooth-pick...

Grammy and Papa snuck away before JJ got up so there wouldn't be a meltdown.
Then JJ and I snuck to the mall to do some more shopping.
And ride a train...

Off to order some sweet new merchandise for the business.
Go head out to do yet MORE shopping.
Then off to get groceries.
Here we are.

I. am. exhausted.
I'm not leaving my house tomorrow.
Done and done.

1 comment:

Kacie said...

Brent and I are the same exact way! Queen size bed with a king size quilt! :)