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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last Minute

We're down to last minute preparations for JJ's birthday party!
Well...last few days preparations.
Once we get back home, we'll tackle the last minute stuff.

Yesterday, we got our finger lights int he mail!
I ordered 2 bags of these things for party guests....

And three boxes of these rings for the girls....
I love them!

Today, I got this in the mail.
After searching frantically for weeks and finding NO ONE sells these things anymore, I took matters into my own hands. Thank you, Amazon. 
4lbs of these babies.
To quote my brother this evening, "Are you trying to get diabetes?"

 And I can't end a post without showing you this cute mug...
Even if he is pouting.
I kept hearing him scream, "No, RaRa, NOOOOO!!!!"
He calls Sophie "RaRa", the sound a dog makes.
My parents' dog is named Abbey.
JJ calls her Abbey.
Then we tell him, "Say Sophie."
It's what he first started calling her when he was teeny tiny, so I guess it stuck.
She even answers to RaRa, so whatever.

Those are honey roasted peanuts all over the floor.
JJ's favorite snack.
He spilled them and Sophie swooped in.
He was trying to pick them up so she couldn't have them and she was scarfing them as fast as she could.
It's fun at our house.

1 comment:

Cassie said...

i would have no self control is that many sour punch straws were in my house. lol. more power to you lady!

have a great birthday party!!