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Thursday, August 9, 2012


So I told you that Tuesday we went out with friends to have dinner.
It was a nice time...eating, talking, laughing...
On the way out, they have an arcade, and I noticed a claw machine game that said it had a winner every time. Just put in your dollar and you'll walk away with a pretty good sized bouncey ball.
Ok, whatever.
I put my dollar in and let JJ try.

Silly me, I thought that because it was a "winner every time" kind of thing, that the claw would have some grip to it, easily grabbing a ball (valued under a dollar so they can make their money) and you go on your merry way.
That is not what happened.
JJ tried.
I tried.
Kevin tried.
Josh tried.
Then some random kid who was sick of watching us struggle tried.
We all kept trying and trying.

Finally, JJ got it to work.
My 2 (almost 3!) year old schooled us all on how to get your money's worth.
Here he is with his prize.

It looks like earth.
He loves it.

Let me tell you another thing he loves.
Particularly, Kevin's rice squares.
The blandest and plainest cereal on earth.
JJ loves it.

Favorite part?
You feeding him the sweet, sugary milk after the cereal is gone like it's a soup.
Upset because Kevin got the last drop.

Wednesday and today we spent in the pool.
I feel like we're swimming on borrowed time.
Any day now I'm going to wake up and it's going to be in the low 70s and stay there. Fall's coming.

I even gave it a good vacuum yesterday.
And I can assure you, vacuuming the pool is much funner than vacuuming your house.
Plus, you can get a tan.
Getting a tan while you're technically "cleaning"??
I'm in.

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