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Monday, June 25, 2012

Remember me?

(My view for the week)

Didn't mean for that to happen.

Haven't blogged for a while.
Let me break it down....

Scrambling around like a crazy person getting ready to leave.

Still scrambling around and finally leaving around 1pm.

Made it to Columbia, SC and took a break.

Got up, got breakfast and hit the road again.
Made it to the beach house around 5pm in Ponte Vedra, FL

The house is three stories of awesome, can't see the bottom one due to all the PALM LEAVES. Man, it's been too long. Kevin's so pumped. He's never stayed in a beach house before. I'm so happy for him.

Notice the roped off areas right in front of our house.

Pretty cool, right?
I keep thinking about the hilarious sea turtles on Finding Nemo.

Another first timer - JJ

The waves wear him out.

The waves!
Thanks to tropical storm Debby, we're having a wonderful time.
I seriously mean it.
We've got some amazing waves!
Everyone's getting knocked down, drug around, salt water up the nose.
It's awesome.

I jump the waves, get sucked under, face plant, and eat sand for a good 5 feet or so before rolling onto shore with a swimsuit full of sand and shells.

But honestly, it's much more fun than boring little baby waves.

Weather channel says stay out of the water.
We run in and have a blast.
So what if we're covered in cuts, bruises and digging sand out of our ears.

Out at dinner last night.
The whole family is here.
Plus one family we've been close to for 15 years or so. 

Thanks for this trip, Mom and Dad!
2 days in and we're having a ball!!

I'll try to get a short post in every day while we're here...but if I don't, you know why.


Christine said...

The house looks awesome - have fun!!

jfleenor said...

WOW....what an awesome looking beach house!! I can only imagine how much fun you had!! We went to the beach last year & had so much fun! I wanted to go back, but we couldn't make it work this year :(