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Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Mother's Day to me :)
Kevin and JJ got me my very first pair of Toms. I feel like I've joined some exclusive club or something....or at least caught up to my brother, sis-in-law, and sister in cool points. 

This weekend was a nice and quiet one.

Friday we stayed at home and chilled. Nothing special.

Saturday JJ and I headed off to our church's yard sale.

He found a buddy to follow around.
No real surprise there.
Thankfully, she was happy to have him tag along.

We left early because he caught a big case of the crabs. Sheesh. Which really just means he was outside all morning, got super tired and needed a nap pronto. 

Sunday was Mother's Day
Church, pizza, home.
A nice, low-key day with my sweet, little family.
I even got a nap in!

Then JJ and I laid around on the couch and took self portraits.

I washed the sucker residue off my face and out of my hair shortly after this picture was taken.

Today we did our usual grocery shopping.
We go every Monday.
But on this rainy day JJ got to sport his favorite boots and use his umbrella.

I didn't see one of the pegs had popped out until the pictures were taken, fixed it and now it's ready for the next rainy day. So is JJ, who wanted to stomp in all the "juice" he could find. 

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