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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Well that was a nice little (unintentional) blogging break.
We had a great visit at home, and I'll recap all our fun later.
It would appear that JJ is still in recovery mode.

We got in last night at 7:21pm.
All by myself on the road with my 2 year old for 8 hours.
It could not have went better.
He only cried once, when I thought he wanted his shoes off, but was just showing them to me. So I reached back behind me and took them off. There were tears. But I'm driving 70 down the interstate, no putting those bad boys back on. We did manage to finagle one...and both of us counted that a victory. 
Or at least good enough. 

Oh wait, I just thought of the other times he cries.
He hates being changed in public restrooms. 
(I don't blame him - so I don't count those)

Today, we were up early running errands.
When we finally went grocery shopping around 5pm, this is what happened.

For over an time, shopping time - he was out.
33 lb kid, shopping cart full of groceries, diaper bag on my shoulder - sheesh.

That's ok. I've dealt with worse.

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~~Rhonda said...

I'm glad you're home safe and sound. I'm sure your honey is glad, too. Poor JJ! The trip wore him out. Praying you all recover quickly. With love, ~~Rhonda