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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pinterest vs Real Life....and storage

This past weekend, Kevin and I went through some old stuff we have in storage. JJ was there, too - he just sort of played around in the mess and chaos. I'm somewhat of a reformed pack-rat. It's not that I belong on Hoarders or anything, and I have definitely gotten better. It's just...I have a tendency to see everything in a sentimental way.

Example: I have every card I received from my 8th grade, high school, and college graduations. I also have the cards from my wedding and wedding shower...and my baby shower. 
Now, some of those can be tossed. Obviously.
But others, like hand-written messages from my great-grandmas who have since passed away, I don't want to trash. 

I have a ridiculous amount of toys I saved. Again, some of these cheapy stuffed animals were given to me by people who I no longer have in my life, so I held onto them. Others just conjure up fun memories, so I keep them. Finally I said enough was enough.

The amount of toys I threw away this weekend was incredible.
No, I didn't donate them.
I was in cleaning mode and those suckers went in the trash.
Not all of them, I did save this gem.

JJ's been playing with one of my (very) old Pound Puppies

Now, I still have quite a bit of toys I saved.
All of my Cabbage Patch Dolls....I didn't go through them, a couple industrial sized garbage bags and energy that I didn't have. Sheesh, at least 30 or so. I've got to go through them at some point though, some probably aren't worth saving.....
But hey - I might have a little girl one day who thinks they're awesome
...or puts them on eBay.

Ok, on to Pinterest.
The other night I tried my hand at these Homemade Bjore strips.
I seriously could not move my face.

Her pictures are pretty awesome. That's the best I could do.
I'm serious, it was like I had concrete on my face.

Do they work?
Better than the actual strips you get at the store.

In fact, too well.
See what I did there, I have it in my eyebrows.
No bueno.

As I'm tearing off the mask and admiring all of the crud that's being pulled out of my pores, I notice hair.
Lots of hair.
THANKFULLY it was part of my eye brow that I already tweeze/try to maintain...but still, for a split second I thought I had ripped out a huge chunk of my eyebrow!!!! Ran to the bathroom like an idiot to make sure I still looked human. (Did you see my eyebrow pic from yesterday's LOL Wednesday?? Not a good look.)

So I peeled all over everywhere else and washed the stuff out of any section of my face I didn't want to be bald at.
Anyway, I could not stop touching my face all night long.
So, so soft.
I will definitely do it again, just be more selective about where I glop it on.


Cassie said...

karma - making fun of people with no eyebrows and then you have a close call. too funny.

love me some pound puppies!! too cute!

Beth said...

I know right?!?! I refuse to draw them on, so I thought I was done for.