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Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting Ready For Our Weekend

I meant to post yesterday, really I did.

We just got consumed with what we were doing.
Grammy, Papa, and Aunt Brooke are taking off this evening to come see us!
JJ was doing his part to get ready.

Until you make guitar noises.

Kid you not - start making sweet air guitar noises and he just can't help himself.

Then we were outside for the rest of the evening.

Mowing grass.
Weed eating.
Vacuuming the pool.

We didn't make it in until 9pm.
JJ had a blast walking around barefoot and giving weird smirky smiles.

He will be fast asleep by the time company arrives tonight...
but as soon as he wakes up the the morning - surprise!


Sissy said...

I love the air guitar pictures!!

jfleenor said...

Calleigh has a new obsession with air guitars now. Derek taught her. She looks so funny. Cracks me up! These kids need to see each other again. What were they last time? Not even 1? I think it was Shawn's graduation party!