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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting the pools ready

JJ and I went out running around today.
We stopped at Home Depot....we didn't buy anything, but JJ loves driving around in their shopping carts....obviously.

We also bought a "tanning pool" for Mommy.
I guess JJ can splash around in there, too.
I cleaned up JJ's baby pool he's had since he was 8 months old. Sheesh, this will be the third summer using that little pool...I guess that was $15 well spent. Kevin set up a tarp for me and blew up my new tanning pool and we headed out to the pool deck.

Since it's been crazy hot, we've already started opening the big pool...getting our chlorine and chemicals ready, slowly filling it back this little summer fun deck will have to do until it's ready.

We've been on the lookout for swing sets, play houses, slides, we stopped in at Sam's while we were out. Where have I been that I had no idea there was a fashion label called Robert Graham?!? And check out that price tag....$130? Are you crazy? Clothes are supposed to be cheap at Sam's! That's why I love going there. Paying $45 for a Calvin Klein wool coat.

Seriously, the only thing/person I could think of was Hooker's Men's Store in Sparta. If this is his signature, then this label has totally ripped him off and stolen his identity. 

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