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Thursday, May 10, 2012


So...this happened....
Ugh, so long Muppet Babies glass featuring baby Animal and baby Gonzo.
My husband and I love this's always being washed, because one of us is always using it. I guess it stands to reason that the more you use something, the more likely it will break.

Good thing I still have my Grimace glass.

I was so bummed (not really, but it provided a good excuse) that I chopped me up some chocolate...

...created a makeshift double-boiler and made some chocolate covered banana slices.

Today, we went to the mall.
JJ loves riding the cars at the mall.
So much so that he can't control his evil smiling face.

Then we came home and played outside for a while.

Until he couldn't be trusted because he can open the gates and he and the dog take off to go find adventures (aka trouble) to get into. I  made them come inside, made dinner and here we are. Pretty dull Thursday, but that's ok by me.

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