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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pinterest vs Real Life

This weekend I decided to tackle another recipe I found on Pinterest.
Chocolate cake and Oreo pudding? I'm in.
You can find the original recipe here.

Make a chocolate cake.
The original recipe used Dark Chocolate Fudge. I just grabbed any ol' chocolate cake mix when I was out shopping last week. 
I wish I would have made a richer cake. The chocolatier, the better. The pudding gives you room to go really rich here. The Devil's Food cake I made just seemed to fade against the Oreo pudding. (PS - how did I not know there was such a thing as Oreo pudding until Pinterest???)

Real chunks of Oreo in these bad boys!

You just mix 2 Oreo puddings according to the directions on the package, poke holes in your still warm/hot cake (I used the end of a wooden spoon) and pour the pudding on top. Gently smash the pudding into the holes. Let it set for awhile, then pop that bad boy in the fridge.

Kevin was a huge fan.
JJ wouldn't even try it.
And I wish it was richer.

Also, I saw something on Pinterest the other day that says to use a Q-tip and rub hydrogen peroxide on your teeth, leave it for 30 seconds and then brush - works better than whitestrips. Supposedly, the uploader said something along the lines of "Only 2 days in and I can already see a difference." I did it last night before I went to bed - I hope it does work, those whitestrips are expensive to keep up with. We shall see.


Cassie said...

holy cake that looks amazing.

and i didn't know of that pudding either, but i think i NEED to know of it.

you have to let me know an update on the teeth thing. i would totally try that. i agree those whitestrips are ridic!

Mary Cavalier said...

Beth - That recipe has been around a long time (but Oreo pudding has not - didn't even know they made that). It was popular along with the Jello poke cake. Really easy too and great for summer. Bake a white or yellow cake (can use flavors but have to match to the jello flavors) - while still warm dissolve a large box of jello in hot water (whatever it calls for) - poke holes in the cake with a fork - all over the top. Gently pour the jello over the cake. Chill for several hours and cover with Cool Whip - yummy!

Beth said...

Yea, my grandma makes a jello cake, but she adds 1 cup of strawberry soda to the strawberry jello/hot water before pouring it over the cake. It's amazing! And for the icing, she does 1 cup milk, 1 pkg vanilla pudding mix and 1 small container Cool Whip - it's really fluffy and makes a great fruit dip, too. I had just never considered using a CHOCOLATE cake with pudding - which is insane because I love chocolate cake! :)