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Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Late post - we've had some full days lately!

Friday we did so much running around that this was JJ around 7:30pm.
No bueno. 
He was forced to wake up so he wouldn't be wide awake at 6am.

Saturday night we went to Game Night at church.
They set a Wii up for the kids.

Grace was kind enough to let JJ cuddle up to her.

Pay attention, Grace!

Sunday we went to church.
It's really in a great location.
Right behind the church is the Kanawha River.
Out here in WV, they pronounce it "Ka-NAW" - although, I don't think that's right. My Garmin agrees. I keep it set to the English accent just so I can hear "Jack" mumble out "Ka-nah-HA" whenever I get on the Boulevard. Cracks me up every time.

On the other side of the church is a mountain. 
I mean houses, too....yes...but that's the layout for all my Illinois friends. The base of that mountain begins, literally, right behind the houses, no backyards for those guys. 

It's an old brick building built in 1840.
There is a loft in the back, which were the old slave quarters. It was one of the churches in the area that allowed slaves to come into the church for worship. It's full of old pictures, documents and history -  completely fascinating! 

We also continued on our hunt for a treadmill this week and think we found a winner! Excited to hopefully pick it up this coming weekend -- watch out, we come! 

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