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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Take Your Time

We're having a pretty lazy Thursday.
JJ has been working on his Valentines with painstaking effort.

Last night I took this picture of the night-light we got JJ a couple weeks ago. You never know how well these things will turn out when you see them in a box, but I'm very impressed and JJ loves it!
The plug-in glows it projects a space scene and gives him a night-light at the outlet. For 3-4 days in a row, as soon as we'd turn out his bedroom light he'd say "Oohhh! Wow!" They also had an aquarium scene...makes me wonder how neat that one would have been....but my Sci-Fi loving husband, upon imagining his son having a glowing outer space scene on his bedroom ceiling every night, wouldn't hear of it being passed up for some stupid fish.


Mom said...

I need to see this night light - I think his Gramps would like it also. Like father, like son, and Gramps!

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