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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Thursday... In Pictures

JJ had a doctors appointment this morning. I was so proud of him when we were at the mall he got the treat of getting some cookies and choosing one of the six cars they have to ride on. As you can see, he was pleased.

Ok, in all honesty - I didn't let him choose whatever car he wanted. He initially wanted to drive that pink bus back there, I guided him elsewhere.

Also at the mall today, I *FINALLY* found some rain boots! I've been looking for weeks. Everyone is either sold out, never had any in stock to begin with or only has old lady style boots (aka, Napoleon Dynamite moon boots). Sears had these boots and fleece boot liners with knit sweater tops to make it look like you're wearing super cute socks.

And one more pic to end the post...since it's not too overly Christmas-y, I left JJ's tree he made at church hanging in the window. He had some help from a sweet girl at church, kind of a buddy of his who loves him dearly - she helped him painstakingly glue all the potpourri on. I mean, he's 2 and kind of attacks things like a tornado, so getting him to focus on a craft takes skill - props to you, Liv! 

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