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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bathroom Remodel - part 1


Happy Monday, all! I was going to do a weekend wrap-up, but it would just me be typing the word "Lowes" over and over again. Ugh.

My parents came for the weekend (woot!) to help us remodel our guest bathroom....or so we thought. I realize that typically, home improvement projects never go as planned, but this one was ka-razy. 5 trips to Lowes, 2 returned vanities, 1 trip to Home Depot and 2 late nights later - we're closer, but not done. Eh, that's ok. It's a pain, but whatever. I've been taking pictures of the before and during. Can't wait to show you the after!! But as my parents went back home this afternoon (boo) I'm not sure when that will be. 

What I can show you is the awesome outfit JJ wore to K-Mart this weekend.
Choo-Choo train jammies, sneakers and a jacket. Awesome.
At first, I was embarrassed, but then I remembered we're at the world's most disgusting K-Mart on the planet.  I have never walked into that store and not been totally creeped out by the time I left. It's in a gross part of town and no matter what time of year, you will see someone showing too much skin at any given time of the day. It's oddly fascinating. It makes me really want to go to a nice K-Mart just to see what the experience can actually be like. I'll have to do that someday - something to add to the bucket list.


Laura@everydayeasy said...

Hate to disappoint, but there is no such thing as a nice Kmart. Sorry.

Beth said...

Dream killer. Lol ... I had a sneaking suspicion that was the case.