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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Something sweet...

I could have probably put more effort into the photo itself, but the project took longer than expected and it's late and I didn't have any energy left for pics. Don't judge.

I present to you - The Cupcake Beanie
...complete with sprinkles, ya'll!

I really like the way it turned out, I think it almost looks like a cupcake - bahaha! Almost is close enough for me. I've been doing a ton of crocheting lately, gearing up for Christmas and all the orders that come with it. 

I also discovered that 48 Hours episodes are pretty much all online dating back from 2005 until present (score!), which is what I typically have playing on my laptop while I'm crocheting since our TV channel rarely leaves Nick, Jr. Oh, note to self - see if Snapped is online as well. My poor husband already thinks I watch all these shows to plot the perfect crime. I pray nothing ever happens to him - because the spouse is always the first one to be questioned and as soon as they search my internet history and see the amount of murder mystery shows I've been viewing I'll be in cuffs in no time.  Be safe, Kevin. For reals.

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Cassie said...

bahahahahaahaha - hilarious!!