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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Pathetic Weekend Wrap-Up

I say pathetic because we really didn't do anything. But that's ok - most of my blogging friends do wrap-ups, so lets try it out....

Friday evening my husband asks me "Hey, what did you order from Plaid??" Um, not one single thing. But wait! That's right - I won a craft pack from Plaid and it came in the mail on Friday!
Here's the loot:

I'd also been waiting to try this Brown Sugar Cookie recipe for quite a while. It's from one of my Amish cookbooks. 
 Side note: I love my Pampered Chef baking stones!
 They really flatten out during the baking process.
They were a pretty simple cookie. Easy to make and decent taste, but nothing that's going to bolt to the top of my favorites list. JJ, however, enjoyed them.

Saturday? Nothing. We stayed around the house....
I crocheted.
JJ played.
Kevin worked.

Sunday night was Christmas play practice at our church. JJ gets to walk across the stage with a Welcome sign (see my facebook videos for last year's video of him walking across the stage wowing the crowd. He wasn't walking on his own yet {late bloomer} and pushed a shopping cart - dressed as an elf.) Anyway --- as I said, this year he gets to welcome the crowd again and THEN comes back with a sign telling the crowd it's the next day. While the rest of the practice goes on, he and his buddy play with cars.

On our way to and from church we drive past the capitol. I stopped to take a picture now that the tree is up. I wish I could center it and make it look nicer, but for whatever reason they decided the tree should go directly behind Abraham Lincoln (he was the president when WV became a state) it doesn't look as nice with Abe blocking the shot.

 Sunday night I also finished my brother and sister-in-law's Christmas stockings. As I told her - his is stuffed with newspaper and hers is not - which is the reason for the red one slouching. 

We've got a busy week ahead of us. And I've got some crocheting to get done as well. Story of my life lately.  But as my husband said - it's a good thing you love to do it. And I really do! I love seeing a project come together - and the feeling of "Hey, I made that!" 
Now, off to start stitching...

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