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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Tuesday, ya'll!

Happy Tuesday!
Well, at least mine is happy - we have visitors!

Monday night I put JJ to bed and every night before I hit the sack myself, I peek in and make sure all is well with my boy. I love when I find him like this.

Totally comfortable. Passed out cold. Cuddling his stuffed animals.

Now, about those visitors..
My Grandpa Lee and Grandma Marilyn are visiting for a couple days. Last night, JJ made them honorary members of his band. (If you come over, you'll become a member, too. Anyone who sets foot in this house is forced to be in the band.)

My sister always asks me why my son never has clothes on...
1 - Less laundry I have to do.
2 - Our house is always really warm and my boy is a sweaty mess.
3 - He takes them off or fusses with them until I take them off for him.

And finally - I finished my brother's stocking!
Next up, a red and white one for my sister-in-law.

Well, that and a few more orders I have to fill. I'm getting close, though. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.... or the yarn at the end of the crochet hook, I guess.


Mon and Dad said...

I am sure you will have fun with your "company". Looks like a great band - ready to hit the road.

~~Rhonda said...

Looks like cozy and fun times at your house. I know you're having a great visit with your company. Love the picture of JJ sleeping. Reminds me of the saying, "The only thing it's OK to steal is a kiss from a sleeping baby." :) ~~Rhonda