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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Years Ago - Part 2

It was finally time! I was given Pitocin at 4AM and started to prepare myself for contractions. I had already been having small ones through the night, no real pain yet. That all changed 3 hours later. I made it to 6cm before I broke down and said I needed to be given something. My dad and sister had stopped coming back for visits because I was in too much pain. Mom and Kevin stayed.

I was given Stadol and, by all accounts, went pretty crazy. I've been told I announced to my sister than my teeth were going down my throat. I don't remember - all I know is it let me rest! After that wore off, the contractions were unbearable. I said I was ready for my epidural at 8cm. After it was administered, I asked my midwife when it would kick in, I just needed to see light at the end of the tunnel. She said I should already be feeling it. Nothing. Unfortunately, it was improperly administered and all the medication went exclusively to my right leg. The midwife gave me a shot directly into my back so I could get ready to push and rest some before we got started. However, it wore off before the pushing. Awesome.

All in all, I only had to push for about an hour - but that was the longest hour! I told the midwife I was done, she was going to have to cut this baby out of me. She told me to suck it up and push through it (literally). Mom prayed for me in between contractions and by the grace of God - JJ came into this world at 11:48AM safe, sound and perfectly healthy.

In case you were wondering, the feeling in my right leg did not come back for another 18 hours. For real. Poor Kevin had to drag me to the restroom like a rag-doll until I was able to walk on my own the next day.

JJ - you were without a doubt worth it all!

Happy 2nd Birthday, John Joseph!

This sad little thing is our dog Sophie, who LOVES having JJ around now... but 3 days in to him being around, you could tell she was feeling a bit neglected.


Cassie said...

awwwwwweeeee love this!!!

Abbey said...

Aww I remember that day like yesterday - waiting all morning for word on Mr. JJ's entrance! Can not believe your little baby is now 2 ahhhhhhh!

Happy Birthday JJ!

Christine said...

I had Staidol too! That was the stuff that made me act crazy (see smurfs). Never taking that again...

iambritt said...

Love you both... well all three and half (sophie would be the half)... need to get together soon to get with birthday boy!!