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Monday, September 19, 2011

A Reason To Speed

JJ and I do our grocery shopping on Mondays. As I was leaving the house today, I saw my camera on the kitchen table and thought, "I should take that with me, in case I see anything worth blogging about."

We went to Target (ok, and side note - how much do you love Target?!? I mean, for real.) and I parked right across from this. I mean, seriously, this is one of the reasons we have cameras, to capture images like this.
(I altered the license plate to protect the anonymity of this individual)

The only thing better than seeing the sticker was getting to see Sandy (see the name above the phrase in the pic). I swear to you she looked just like Gary's mother in Teen Mom. I definitely texted this pic to a few members of my family (you're welcome).

At first, I was like I hope she just borrowed this car. Then I was like, wait, no - I hope she didn't! I hope she's just a silly old lady who just did it to make herself and others laugh when they see her out and about. I can only begin to imagine what I'm going to pull when I'm an old fart. 

JJ - you have no idea what you're in for!


Meagan said...

Bahaha!!! That describes my husband perfectly!

Mary Cavalier said...

So - why did you feel you need to protect her identity when she has it out there for everyone to see on the road? :-) She obviously doesn't care who makes the connection. Too funny!

Beth said...

You're totally right, Mary! I can't imagine there are many of those decals around - haha!! I didn't think of that...

Christine said...

LOVE THIS BETH! Kinda like when you see people wearing those "who farted?" tshirts. Bahahahaha